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Whether you prefer to be inside or outside, Delafield has you covered from all sides. Explore mile after mile of breathtaking natural beauty, or make yourself at home with your favorite creature comforts. 


Coffee shop. Cafe. Tavern. White tablecloth. When it comes to dining and drinks in Delafield, you'll find no shortage of options. Inspired cultural cuisine pops up around every corner. You'll find a flavor for every taste in Delafield. 


If sightseeing inspires you, there is plenty to love in Delafield. Celebrated landmarks and places of interest are sprinkled throughout the community. Our distinguished history helps create a fascinating experience today. 


Window shoppers and power shoppers alike will appreciate our collection of specialty shops and big box retailers. Purchase exactly what you need, or indulge yourself with an unexpected find. From local boutiques to major regional and national chains, it's all here in Delafield.

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