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Wednesday, January 17th

"If Your Lips are Moving - Your Behavior Matters"  with Choices Coaching and Consulting, LLC


Holiday Inn Express

This Workshop is FREE but you must attend.

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It starts with you!

Crucial conversations will make or break you as a parent, spouse, friend or leader. Crucial conversations and your ability to nurture them will make or break the climate you create for those you work with and live with. Crucial conversations will make or break the culture of your organization and your home. Crucial conversations will make or break the unity of your community.

If your lips are moving, you will impact everything around you, and in you. It starts with you! The way you handle conversations, when emotions are present, opinions vary, and stakes are high, is powerful beyond words. It is a learned skill, and therefore, can be re-learned. Your current style does not have to remain your style. It starts in your heart. What do you want out of the conversation; for yourself, for others, for the business? Your focus will be your reality. Your reality will be your legacy. Your legacy will be long-standing.


Upon completion of If Your Lips Are Moving – Your Behavior Is Critical Growth Camp, participants will begin to,

▪ Revisit and evaluate a crucial conversation.

▪ Assess and understand their Style Under Stress.

▪ Identify where and how their communication style developed.

▪ Know what it means to dialogue.

▪ Gain awareness of the stories we tell ourselves.

▪ Apply the 7 Steps of Crucial Conversations, to their individual crucial conversations.

▪ Identify what is at risk.

▪ Decide what they want from a conversation.

▪ Gain specific knowledge on improving their conversations.


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Chamber Members: $10 per class or $100 for 12 Educational Workshops

Non Members: $20 per class 


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