Membership Education and Training

"To provide and make available educational opportunities and resources for chamber members and their employees to enhance their quality of life through business and personal development and growth."


Chair: OPEN
Co-Chair: Carla Bodway, Waukesha State Bank    
*Educational Events for Members
*New Member Orientation
*Access to Educational Resources
* Workforce and Economic Development
*New Member Showcase
Are you interested in the BUILD Committee?
Build Committee meets every 4th Thursday of the Month at 8:30AM, Waukesha State Bank, Delafield




Membership Growth, Retention and Participation

"To grow the Chamber membership, act as Ambassadors of the Chamber and provide networking opportunities for Chamber members."


Chair: Nick Sanders, Revere's Wells Street Tavern
Co-Chair: Matt Kirchoff, The Kirchoff Group  
*Tri-Chamber Golf Outing
*Lake Country Community Fest
*Business After Business Events
*Young Professionals Group
*Ambassadors Group
Are you interested in the REACH Committee?
Build Committee meets every 3rd Thursday of the Month.  Time and Location Vary.



Fundraising and Community Events


"The Delafield Chamber - Events Committee shall be comprised of chairpersons from each event sub-committee, and chamber member business owners or team members.  The Events Committee shall be responsible for providing a strategic outline[WHAT], which each event sub-committee can utilize to determine [HOW] they will accomplish event goals.  The strategic outline will include guidelines and priorities with regard to whether an event's purpose is to drive profitability, traffic (people), member promotion, or a combination thereof."  


Chair: Todd Hall, Milwaukee Street Traders
Co-Chair: OPEN 
*Spring/Fall Art Walks
*Block Party
*Ladies Night Out
*Halloween in Delafield
*Breakfast with the Reindeer
Are you interested in the EVENTS Committee?
Event Committee meets the 1st Thursday of the Month at 8:30AM, Holiday Inn Express, Delafield





Membership Recognition


"To identify excellence in achievement by member businesses and recognize those accomplishments through various communication channels available to the Chamber including social and traditional media as well as events.  If you are aware of a recent outstanding accomplishment please let us know so we can share the news!"


Chair: Dawn Geeleher, Response Realtors
Co-Chair:Clark Chiaverotti, State Farm Insurance
*Annual Award Mixer
Are you interested in the AWARDSCommittee?
Contact Dawn Geeleher at 1-703-861-7066





Membership Promotion and Community Outreach


"To implement effective promotional communication and marketing between the Chamber and its members, tourism and the community and its partners."


Chair: Erin McDonald, The Delafield Hotel
Co-Chair: OPEN
*Tourism Council
*City of Delafield
*Waukesha Biz Alliance
*State Chamber Association
*Delafield Magazine
Are you interested in the KONNECT Committee?
Contact Erin McDonald at 262-646-1600


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